KID HUMMER WITH+ ПУЛЬТ Прокат электромобилей в Минске

HUMMER прокат в минске

Сутки 1 – неделя 2 – недели
30 руб. 40 руб. 60 руб.
10  залог на чистку за возврат в грязном виде
Оценочная  стоимость   500  руб.

прокат детских товаров
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Внимание:  габаритный и тяжелый!

Электромобиль KID HUMMER WITH Radio controler (MUSIC, LIGHT, SOUND, MP3 SOCKET, VOLUME ADJUSTABLE) 6 V Size : 131X69X55 Speed 3.5- 4 km/h

Время работы аккумулятора 40-60 мин. зависит от веса пользователя и покрытия.

ЭЛЕКТРОМОБИЛЬ Kids Hummer StyleIt features a 6v 10AH Rechargeable Battery with a Full Function Remote Control for Parents who’s kids can not reach the accelerator pedal or can not yet control the car, so can be driven by the child using the car’s controls or by a parent using the remote. Comes complete with UK Charger and all the necessary accessories. Features: - Kids Hummer Style Ride on Jeep with Remote control - 6V 10Ah Rechargeable Battery (Usually 4Ah, Ours is 10Ah Gives more power and Run time) - 6v Motor – With MP3 Player connection - Adjustable Volume Control - Suitable for ages 3 Years!! - Forward and Reverse Gearbox - Working Lights - Steering Wheel Plays Music - Top Speed Approx 5km/h - Wing Mirrors - Dimensions (cm): 131cm long, 65cm wide. - Suitable for babies, toddlers and children up to 15Kg. (Approx assembled) - Assembly Required In the Box: 1 x Hummer style ride on car 1 x Remote Control (Battries not included) 1 x Mp3 connection lead 1 x UK Charger for the car battery 1 x 6V 10AH Rechargeable battery for car 1 x User Manual Remote Control Functions: - Forward and Reverse - Turn Left and Right